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We are best known for real estate valuation and appraisals in tax and litigation, international advisory, complex real estate projects, special networking needs, and global benchmarking for corporations.

Our multi-lingual team has a variety of real estate specialty knowledge and has physical locations in North America, South America, and Asia. Additionally, we bring an extensive network of affiliated professionals worldwide dedicated to your success.




Benchmark Reports

Designed for companies, governments, NGOs and individuals seeking information about rental housing costs in foreign cities, this comprehensive report details the cost expectations for renting single-family houses and apartments in the area, including insight on utilities, services, parking, currency, and security expectations.

Alternative Appraisal Products

Other Valuation Products: It is common to see non-licensed opinions of value rendered by brokers and real estate agents, or even former appraisers or appraisers not operating under the parameters of the state governed appraisal licenses. These most frequently come in...

The Right Time to Order an Appraisal

When Do I Need an Appraisal? In the United States, there are many situations when only a state licensed appraiser may provide an appraisal. The most common are the mortgage lending affordable housing environments (which are both federally regulated). A complete list...

Real Estate Appraisal Standards and Qualifications

So, what makes a real estate appraiser a real estate appraiser? The answer is the standards they have agreed to meet in the profession as well as the qualifications they have sought to obtain to be recognized by the real estate industry as a reliable appraisal...

Real Estate Appraisal Basics

Nearly all people who have owned or thought about owning real estate have heard of a real estate appraisal. Here is a quick breakdown on terminology and a description of times when ordering a real estate appraisal might be helpful. Before diving into the basics, note...

When a Broker or Agent Can Help

Buying and selling real estate can be fun. Whether it is the thrill of hunting for a new opportunity, or finally selling and cashing in big. However, how do you maximize your play? If you are not deeply familiar with your product and your market place, it is likely...

The Value of a Skilled Broker

Buying and selling real estate can be fun. Whether it is the thrill of hunting for a new opportunity, or finally disposing of a project with the expectations of finally getting the big payoff. This is a short post about the benefits of finding a good broker partner to...


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