Sometimes, just a quick, basic, high-level appraisal is all that is needed. Evaluation is a term currently used by the mortgage lending industry. In some lending situations where the risk of a particular mortgage loan is perceived to be extremely low, banks are allowed to order an appraisal-like report by a non-appraiser. The reports are generally shorter than an appraisal and do not adhere to all of the requirements of USPAP unless they are presented restricted use appraisals. Archstone can provide evaluations by a non-appraiser or evaluations/restricted-use appraisals that meet both banking requirements and state appraisal licensing requirements.

Desktop Appraisals

Desktop appraisals are typically restricted use appraisals, or even full appraisals that can be conducted without a physical inspection of the property.  In special cases where the client, or end-user, has a high degree of understanding of the property and/or if the appraiser has previously inspected the subject, a new inspection might not be necessary.  Ask Archstone if a desktop analysis is right for your needs.

Tax Appeal

The property tax appeal process allows Tax Attorneys and Consultants to take full advantage of the right to challenge an unfair assessment. Archstone Group has worked diligently to developed a scope of services that creates time and financial efficiencies for our clients.  Since 2017, we have represented our clients on over 15,000 tax appeal assignments with an unprecedented success rate.

We provide detailed hearing/court ready files with substantial cost savings, as well as a tested USPAP compliant valuation report, utilized as hearing/court evidence. Our clients are prepared throughout the litigation process to deliver effective evidence based upon relevant valuation methodology and techniques. We support our clients by critiquing opposing evidence, and prepare our clients with support to strengthen their position on value. We are expert witnesses with the experience and knowledge necessary to support our clients in both hearings and court appearances.



Our benchmarking establishes baseline pricing expectations for rental properties in a particular market. It is designed for any international entity providing housing and office space for its international staff and is seeking out independent guidance on rental pricing for corporate quality housing and commercial real estate. Archstone Group is engaged in the research and publication of corporate housing and commercial space benchmarking in over 200 cities around the world.


We maintain a proprietary database that tracks pricing trends, local real estate practices in lease negotiation, as well as local market participants who have a reputation for working with foreign entities. Our data is available on a subscription basis. We also handle customized studies upon request.