Buying and selling real estate can be fun. Whether it is the thrill of hunting for a new opportunity, or finally selling and cashing in big. However, how do you maximize your play? If you are not deeply familiar with your product and your market place, it is likely that you have some blind spots and false assumptions that in the end could undermine your overall profit expectations. Adding a broker to the team can help cover this blind spot, and more often than not are well worth their cost. The National Association of Realtors and CCIM Institute are great places to find talent. Here are some specific instances a broker can be of assistance.


A good broker should be able to provide extremely specific advice on how to get the highest price or the fastest sale depending on your preference. It might be something simple like cosmetic work, or it could be complex and expensive such as tenant positioning or a full market study to prove highest and best use. Be sure you get the full story and as broad of a perspective as possible from as many sources as possible.


This seems like a simple job. But renters are often coming into unfamiliar places. Educate yourself with a guide. They know neighborhoods, landlords, and lease expectations. And make sure you find someone who has your best interest at heart.

Student Housing

International students are embarking on an exciting and unique opportunity. Most don’t think to check with a real estate broker. Choosing housing is often done hastily and by someone not thinking through the impact it may have on studies, cultural learning, and language fluency.

We Want Help

In some cases, we have one of our own, but the world is a big place. Reach out to our team and we will personally put you in touch with someone we have worked with and refer, or we will pass on a few tips of how we would approach this area if we were in your shoes.