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Alternative Appraisal Products

Other Valuation Products: It is common to see non-licensed opinions of value rendered by brokers and real estate agents, or even former appraisers or appraisers not operating under the parameters of the state governed appraisal licenses. These most frequently come in...

The Right Time to Order an Appraisal

When Do I Need an Appraisal? In the United States, there are many situations when only a state licensed appraiser may provide an appraisal. The most common are the mortgage lending affordable housing environments (which are both federally regulated). A complete list...

Real Estate Appraisal Standards and Qualifications

So, what makes a real estate appraiser a real estate appraiser? The answer is the standards they have agreed to meet in the profession as well as the qualifications they have sought to obtain to be recognized by the real estate industry as a reliable appraisal...

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