Finding success in a foreign market begins with having local access. A good real estate broker will be invaluable by offering relationships and connecting the right people to the right opportunities. Whether you are looking to invest in a foreign market, or obtain the best price on an existing asset, or simply want to find a rental situation or tenant, Archstone Group can introduce you to a reliable partners in several cities around the world.

Archstone LATAM

Our flagship international brokerage is located in Lima, Peru and was created with the intention of offering a higher standard of quality for real estate services. We chose the Peruvian market because of its size and upside potential to be one of the strongest emerging markets in the South American region.

Archstone LATAM offers a full cadre of services for both residential and commercial real estate. Our process includes an internal appraisal of the real estate, an evaluation of the overall project, market analysis and financial projections, legal analysis, and finally, a marketing and execution plan to obtain the best value possible for our client.

Inside the team, you will find experts in engineering, architecture, administration and management, real estate and commercial law, and market analysis, all dedicated to provide our clients the highest service available in Peru. Additionally, the team is multicultural, which allows them to consider problems from multiple angles and draw on the latest and greatest problem solutions known worldwide.


Valuation has always been at the heart of what Archstone Group stands for. Our appraisal process is to provide a realistic analysis and interpretation of market data to arrive at a fair market value. Our team has experience in ordering, reviewing, and performing appraisals in over 50 countries around the world. Our clients include governments, non-profits, corporations, and private individuals who have stakes in international markets and understand the value of having a real estate appraisal performed to North American standards. We also have multi-lingual abilities and can provide appraisals in dual languages or in local languages.

We are familiar with the various international standards used around the world including, IVS and USPAP. If you are looking for services that meet these standards, or need to adopt the practices recommended in Red book, Yellow book, or a standard unique to your home country, we can adopt and advise on the best way to incorporate them so the final appraisal product will meet the needs of your stakeholders. Examples of our assignments include large tracts of land both for development or for conservation or agricultural uses; complex cashflow driven investments such as commercial office buildings, shopping centers, or logistical warehousing properties; Condominium developments; hospitality and resort projects including islands; special uses; and all types of residential properties including luxury compounds.

The Right Time to Order an Appraisal

Thanks to well defined standards and qualifications, as well as other organizations offering a designation, many other professions such as attorneys, accountants, and realtors, lean on the appraisal profession as a source for independent and qualified value advice.

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When a Broker or Agent Can Help

If you are not deeply familiar with your product and your market place, it is likely that you have some blind spots and false assumptions that in the end could undermine your overall profit expectations. Adding a broker to the team can help cover this blind spot, and more often than not are well worth their cost.

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Advisory often comes in partnership with valuation services. Advisory services aim to help our clients gain a greater understanding of a property as well as strategies to position it to its highest and best use into the future. The highest and best use of a property refers to the generation of the greatest overall value to its owner. In addition to highest and best use, we can also be of assistance in raising capital, finding brokerage or legal representation in your area, or finding/creating a competent team for these services.

Advisory services will be tailored to your specific needs. We understand that the mission of our clients are different. We will work to fully understand your short, medium, and long-term goals and help you leverage the real estate in a way that is maximally productive for your mission. Our reports are highly customized to your needs and focus on the real estate related problems, challenges, and questions you may be facing.

Due Diligence

Putting together a real estate project or vetting a real estate proposal can be complicated and time consuming. Our due diligence services are designed to help investors and lenders gain a comprehensive knowledge of their property. The services include data collection, physical inspections, financial investigations, internal underwriting, legal inquiries, and environmental reviews. Archstone and our extended network of professionals can help fill any gaps you may have.

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