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Biggest Career Obstacles for Commercial Appraisers

As a commercial appraiser, you are essentially solving a new puzzle every day; no day is the same as the last. However, it is immensely rewarding to find a job where you feel like you fit— and if you are a true logic sherlock, maybe commercial appraisal is right for you. The highly lucrative real estate and appraisal industry is growing, so now might just be your time to shine. If you are considering a commercial appraisal career, it is vital to know the top four career obstacles of a commercial appraiser.

Job Gains Surge then Slow, But Recovery Moves Onward

The rebound is still strong, but the downturn was so large that even small bumps in the road can seem dangerous.

The Scramble

Since owning my own business, I realize that focus and productivity are far more than eliminating outside distractions; it is also eliminating internal distractions, which in turn requires a plan. A mind that knows the answers will move the body to action.

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