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Archstone Group began as Archstone Appraisal Group, a company exclusively dedicated to the appraisal of commercial real estate. Our team is comprised of general certified licensed appraisers, many of whom hold the prestigious MAI designation from the Appraisal Institute and the MRICS designation from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Our appraisal work is primarily targeted to government properties (including embassy related properties), tax appeal, estate planning, partnership formation and dissolution, mergers and acquisitions, affordable housing, data centers, corporate agricultural, and any complex or remote properties. Additionally, we can handle mortgage related appraisal assignments on a case by case basis. While we take on complex and unique assignments nationwide, our targeted regions of coverage include the following regions: Mid-Atlantic, New England, Front Range (Rocky Mountains), Florida, and the Pacific North west.

We welcome international governments and corporations, family offices, attorneys, accountants, insurance companies, and private and alternative lenders. We will work to understand your unique needs or appraisal standards and provide a valuation project that meets your requirements.


Archstone Group enjoys taking on controversial cases and is dedicated to providing honest and comprehensive analysis on the assets in question. Our team has experience in trial, depositions, appraisal review and consultation, and strategy and advocacy. We have performed litigation support for tax appeal, bankruptcy, partnership disputes, family disputes, right-of-way and condemnation proceedings, and other government related entities.

When a Broker or Agent Can Help

If you are not deeply familiar with your product and your market place, it is likely that you have some blind spots and false assumptions that in the end could undermine your overall profit expectations. Adding a broker to the team can help cover this blind spot, and more often than not are well worth their cost.

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Advisory often comes in partnership with valuation services. Advisory services aim to help our clients gain a greater understanding of a property as well as strategies to position it to its highest and best use into the future. The highest and best use of a property refers to the generation of the greatest overall value to its owner. In addition to highest and best use, we can also be of assistance in raising capital, finding brokerage or legal representation in your area, or finding/creating a competent team for these services.Advisory services will be tailored to your specific needs. We understand that the mission of our clients are different. We will work to fully understand your short, medium, and long-term goals and help you leverage the real estate in a way that is maximally productive for your mission. Our reports are highly customized to your needs and focus on the real estate related problems, challenges, and questions you may be facing.

Transactional Support

We have several tools that can be deployed to assist those looking to market real estate. These include financial analysis, comparable research, due diligence support, property inspections, photography, lease abstracting, discounted cash flow analysis including ARGUS, graphic design and copy editing. By creating a partnership with Archstone, you will be able leverage your time and keep maximize your strengths.

Due Diligence

Putting together a real estate project or vetting a real estate proposal can be complicated and time consuming. Our due diligence services are designed to help investors and lenders gain a comprehensive knowledge of their property. The services include data collection, physical inspections, financial investigations, internal underwriting, legal inquiries, and environmental reviews. Archstone and our extended network of professionals can help fill any gaps you may have.