Corporate Team

R. Ashton Rowles

MAI, MRCIS, President

R. Ashton Rowles, MAI, MRICS is currently a Senior Director for Archstone Appraisal Group, LLC and head of the executive team. Ashton started Archstone in 2017 after 12 years with Colliers international, where most recently, he served as Executive Managing Director Valuation over Latin American.

Ashton also previously worked for the U.S. Department of State as a Senior Real Estate Appraiser, assisting with valuation-related matters for acquisition and disposal for the U.S. Government’s International Real Estate holdings.

Ashton has personally performed appraisals in 40 states and 22 countries. He has overseen and reviewed appraisals in over 40 countries. He has been involved in numerous fields within real estate valuation, including: single asset valuation, Portfolio valuation, market analysis, feasibility studies, lease and cost analysis, highest and best use analysis, rent analysis, eminent domain, litigation support, insurance valuation, foreclosure and bankruptcy support, and tax mitigation.

Ericka Simmons

Chief of Operations

Real estate professional with experience in real estate private equity, valuation and finance; model development, green improvements and energy analysis and sustainable building training. Specific knowledge of the Mid-Atlantic and NYC metro areas.

Josiah Wise

Head of Research

Josiah is an American Citizen expat, native of New York, who has lived in Peru for over 5 years as a full-time resident. He is a native English speaker and fluent in Spanish with an academic background in the humanities, having studied philosophy and critical theory under Jacques Derrida. Josiah´s professional background is diverse, complimenting a theoretical background with work experience from construction foreman, to tour guide in Rome, Italy while studying. Josiah worked for 8 years as a traveling inspector for a risk management company that services most major United States’ insurance companies (USAA, Allstate, Travelers etc.), providing risk intelligence to underwriters on high value residential and commercial properties in all 50 states.

Adriana Gastelumendi

Finance and Accounting

Adriana is a dual American-Peruvian citizen currently residing in Peru. Following her studies in Business Administration Adriana moved to the United States where she excelled in the hospitality industry: she worked in multiple managerial positions for the Peninsula Hotel, one of the United States’ pre-eminent five-star hotels. Adriana is fluent in English and Spanish and has continually increased her knowledge of business administration in a variety of different environments and positions, both in the United States and in Peru.

Abigail Rex


Abby joined Archstone in 2017 when it was formed and served as business and administrative manager. She holds a degree from Brigham Young University – Idaho in English and business and writing. She is active in her community and as an advocate for families with special needs children.

Fernando Mascaró

Director of Brokerage, Development Projects

Fernando has more than 20 years of experience in business management. He started his professional career in a family business dedicated to real estate. He also lived and studied abroad in the United States and then did an advanced degree in Business Management in Brisbane Australia with specialization in international trade and banking at the Curtin University of Technology.

Fernando worked for over 10 years in Australia for CS Industries in various management and operational positions for commercial, industrial, and real estate needs. Fernando returned to Peru in 2009 where he focused on the real estate business as Director of the company Doña Maria Raquel, carrying out various real estate projects and continued to Ana Maria Inmobiliaria and Archstone Latam SAC. Fernando has carried out various projects in Peru, the US, and in Australia and have managed teams of more than 100 people.

Advisory Team

Ashton Rowles

MAI, MRICS, Boise, Idaho and Special Projects

Ericka Simmons

Washington DC Director, Affordable Housing, Global Benchmarking

Mark Savage

MAI, New England Director & Latin America

Richard Cornogg

MAI, Pennsylvania and Agriculture

Joe Consoli

MAI, Baltimore and Transit Oriented Developments

Michael Chaffee

Virginia, Litigation Support, and Self Storage

Aaron Anderson

Denver, Affordable Housing, and Going Concern

Timothy Moore

Denver, Subdivision and Commercial

CK Yang

Asia, Highest and Best Use, Hospitality, International Funds

Daniel Kennedy

Appraisal Trainee, International Research, Technology Support


Affilliate Advisors

Daniel Jackel

MAI, MRICS, Hospitality, Cashflow, Complex Consulting, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mariano Carruzo

Buenos Aires SFC Hospitality Worldwide

George Mann

MAI, CRE – Senior Reviewer and Quality Control

Jim Jeffrey

Mintwood Investors, project manager, development, lending

Jerry Clawson

Azure Waterfront Properties – International Due Diligence and Mortgage brokerage

Curvin Leatham

Area Probe – CEO


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